Real estate agents

Looking for ways to sell homes that are not retail ready? Want to consistently earn multiple commissions on deals? If you are motivated to grow your real estate business and are investor friendly, then let's talk!

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want to represent us on transactions?

Please, also call or text Ashley and Josh Botz at 720.515.3001 for more information.

Why others like working with us

Experienced buyers

We strive to make dozens of offers per month, so we can move through a transaction smoothly with you. No late-night panic calls from retail buyers or struggling to qualify for a loan. We are professionals and will treat you like the professional realtors you are.

Multiple transactions

A retail real estate buyer might buy one house every five years. An investor could buy five houses every single year. As a realtor in Fort Collins, Loveland, or Greeley, you can earn commissions on several deals and in certain cases, represent us on both sides of a transaction.

Quick closings

One of our core values at Blue Chip Homes is efficiency. Because we buy real estate with cash and have established systems for inspections and due diligence, we can close quickly and avoid time-consuming hiccups.

Referral business

Our services are not suitable for all homeowners and many times are better served by a professional real estate agent. We are happy to refer business out to our priority agents in the hope that we can also serve their clients who need to sell through non-traditional means.