Real estate lending

Whether you are experienced with real estate lending or have never checked your 401K, we would love to work with you and help contribute to your financial future! Let's talk about how we can work together to earn double-digit high ROI on your money consistently, in an asset-backed industry.

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Please, also call or text Josh Botz at 720.515.3001 for a free information packet on real estate investing and real estate lending with high ROI.

Why Others Like working with us

More control in your money

Many traditional investment mediums border on speculation rather than true investment. By choosing to put your money in real estate lending, you have have more control over how your money grows and can obtain high ROI. Because it is backed by a hard asset, real estate investing is often a safer long-term investment strategy as well.


 Josh loves his spreadsheets and worked as an intelligence analyst, so when we present you with a real estate lending opportunity on a deal, you can have confidence in our numbers. We are a professional real estate investing company - not a real estate guesswork company. Only high ROI projects.

Efficient operations

One of our core values is efficiency, so that each project gets done on time and on budget. There are rarely pleasant surprises in real estate investing, so we build in a contingency buffer during our deal analysis so that even if everything goes wrong, you still get paid your high ROI.

First-timer friendly

If you have never engaged in real estate lending on a deal before, then we can sit down together and discuss in detail each step of the process, how your money is backed by a hard asset, how we work to better protect you in the deal cycle, and even how to get access to additional funds for lending. Only high ROI opportunities.