We enjoy working with other real estate investors who are looking for cash flow properties - whether residential or commercial. We can also help with selling or renovating your current properties or with managing them. 

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Want to learn more about our returns?

Please, also call or text Josh Botz at 720.515.3001 for tailored information.

Why others like working with us

Consistent deal opportunities

We strive to make dozens of offers per month, so we might have exactly what you are looking for or know someone who does. If we have a strong professional relationship, you can even provide your input during the renovation process on a specific rental property.

Full-service team

Whether you need to sell a rental property from your portfolio, want to buy a new cash flow property, or just need help with the management side, Blue Chip Homes can help with your real estate needs. One of our core values is peak-service to our clients and partners.


  Josh loves his spreadsheets and worked as an intelligence analyst, so when we present you with a cash flow deal opportunity, you can have confidence in our numbers. We are a professional real estate investment company - not a real estate guesswork company.  

Tenant referrals

We work with homeowners in many different situations and sometimes that includes a transition back to renting or using a lease option on a home. As a part of our commitment to peak-service, we are happy to refer individuals and families toward our partner landlords' property vacancies.