Fix And Flip Style Real estate investors

I would love to do a real estate deal with you!

Whether you are a local wholesaler or rehab properties yourself, contact me today so that we can discuss working together soon.

Call or text Josh Botz at 720.515.3001

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Please, also call or text Josh at 720.515.3001 so that he knows more about what you need.

Why others like working with us

We close quickly

When we make an all cash offer on a property, we mean business! We have systems in place for all of our real estate inspections and due diligence so you won't be waiting around for a deal to close. We look for properties throughout Northern Colorado, including Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley.

We operate by-the-numbers

Josh loves his spreadsheets and worked as an intelligence analyst, so when we make an offer, present repair estimates, or give an ARV, you can have confidence in our numbers. We are a professional real estate investment company - not a real estate guesswork company.

Consistent business

We strive to make dozens of offers per month and always have a piece of real estate under contract. If we work well together once, you can expect to do a lot of business together. We are looking for long-term professional relationships with other fix and flip investors throughout Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley.

Network connections

There are plenty of fix and flip real estate deals in the market for everyone to stay busy, so we are always open to sharing resources and connections to help other succeed on rehab projects. We want to serve our partners and clients diligently to earn their long-term trust.