About Your Real Estate Team

 Josh and Ashley are a husband a wife real estate team who focus on professionally renovating homes up to neighborhood standards. 

Blue Chip Homes does only high-quality work and operates with the core values of transparency, efficiency, and peak service to the community. We operate throughout Northern Colorado, including Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley.


Northern Colorado's service-oriented redevelopment team

Josh & Ashley Botz and Blue Chip Homes

Blue Chip Homes is a residential real estate redevelopment company founded in 2018 in Northern Colorado. Our specialty is assisting homeowners who are unable to sell through traditional retail means, often by purchasing the home ourselves, renovating the home up to the local neighborhood standards, and then reselling it. We strive to provide value to homeowners, local small business owners, and the community at large by helping people in distress, providing consistent and quality work opportunities, and re-beautifying homes.

Although we work with people in nearly any situation, our services are often most suited for people who have inherited a home through the probate process, are entering foreclosure and need access to their equity, are upside-down on their mortgage, have an outdated or damaged home, or are exhausted by the stress and cost of home ownership. Our expertise and extensive training and real estate connections in the area enables us to provide our clients with a list of options, which often includes us making a cash offer on the home. 

Some of the advantages of an all cash offer on your property are:

   1) We can close quickly - often on your timeline.

   2) You are not responsible for closing costs or realtor commissions.

   3) We buy all properties AS IS - no repair costs for you.

   4) We are not using traditional financing, so you can have confidence in our offer.

   5) Because we close quickly, your holding costs can be reduced significantly.

All of our offers on homes are based on a strict analytical process of the repair and renovation costs, closing costs and commissions, and holding costs. We do not "low-ball" our clients. We are professional real estate investors and operate with a set of systems that will provide the maximum amount of value possible for the sellers with whom we work while enriching the community through our efforts.

Our core values at Blue Chip Homes are:

Transparency - our clients and partners deserve our respect and trust and we hope to earn theirs as well.

Efficiency - by reducing our costs and time expenditure for projects, we can make more competitive offers and help our clients keep more of their hard-earned equity.

Peak-service - we are committed to serving each and every client and partner of Blue Chip Homes as a part of our larger commitment to serve our community.

Blue Chip Homes hopes to serve you, your family, and your business soon.

About Josh & Ashley Botz

Josh and Ashley got married in 2016 in Montana, where they both grew up. After an adventurous year of marriage living in Washington, D.C., they chose to relocate to Fort Collins, CO to be closer to family, friends, and the beautiful Colorado mountains. They also decided during this transition to start Blue Chip Homes - a residential real estate redevelopment company - because of their passion for helping people in financial distress or experiencing difficulty in life.

Ashley also works as a community coach in Larimer and Weld counties, helping individuals and families struggling to find housing, work, or needing assistance from the community. She has worked in the mental health field for over seven years, is working toward her masters degree in social work, and is a strong advocate for holistic physical and mental health rehabilitation. Ashley loves her yoga practice, is picky about her coffee, and is a fantastic cook.

Josh focuses on Blue Chip Homes full-time and enjoys seeing how as a business grows it can positively affect so many more people. He was in the military for five years and then worked as an analyst in the US intelligence community while completing his business degree. He has a passion for personal development, especially through audiobooks and coaching. Josh someday wants to commission a La-Z Boy made by Rolls Royce, can't taste the difference between various coffee types, and loves his wife Ashley's cooking.

Josh and Ashley hope to serve you, your family, and your business soon.

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